Wrapped CHI

If you haven’t heard, CHI will be available in the Ethereum ecosystem as Wrapped CHI. Our smart contract has now been audited and will be deployed this week. We plan to swap CHI for WCHI starting on Tuesday, April 6th.

By creating WCHI, CHI can circulate on the Ethereum blockchain where it can be traded in markets such as Uniswap. This provides much broader access to CHI in the markets as people can use their existing Ethereum wallets, such as Metamask, to hold their WCHI without needing a Xaya wallet.

Other benefits from WCHI are the easy to use decentralised…

Players spend billions of hours every week in virtual worlds and that time is valuable.

Spending 6 months to acquire a sword in an MMORPG has value to that person and to someone else who would prefer to just pay for it, which is effectively buying someone else’s time.

This market has been made difficult for players by game developers (though sometimes for good reason) by restricting sales of in-game assets on secondary markets.

By restricting this trading, the gaming community must resort to “black markets,” which increases the chance of fraud and banning of accounts if caught by the…

Hello Taurions! We wanted to update you on Taurion Development.

If you didn’t know, Taurion is a fully decentralised MMO with elements from RPG and RTS games. MMORTS.

It’s set on a world far away from Earth where 3 houses are fighting for resources on the planet Taurion.

Here is the original story intro video for a bit of the background:

The world consists of over 65 million hexagonal tiles and these are grouped into 650 thousands regions. …

Happy New Year!

2020 was a hectic year and 2021 will probably not be much different.

We have a busy schedule for 2021 with regards to development milestones and we’ll be trying hard to make these dates.

We are also open to provide bounties or funding for assistance for taking on some of the tasks, if this is something you are interested in then please get in touch. We’ll provide a list of those soon, thought most of that is below.

For reference, the following Xaya History spreadsheet lists some past achievements and milestones.


The list below includes the…

In the past year, rollups have become one of the leading hopes of scaling Ethereum on “layer 2”. With gas fees surging throughout the year with the rise of DeFi, they indeed offer a great way to off-load smart-contract computations as well as storage in the network’s global state.

So what are rollups on Ethereum? Roughly speaking, users of a rollup-enabled application can still perform smart-contract operations as normal (e.g. transfers or swaps of tokens). The transaction data is recorded on the base chain (Ethereum in this case), but execution of the operation is done by some external entity (the…

  1. Open beta starts (download now)
  2. First game starts Saturday the 7th of November
  3. FREE 30,000 Soccer Manager Coins (SMC) when you sign up.
  4. First come, first served for Shares.
  5. THOU$AND$ in prizes
  6. Get started now!


The open beta is starting now so everyone can join!

To get started:

  • Download SM Elite https://soccermanagerelite.com/download/
  • Get in our Discord https://discord.gg/ha7HqYF
  • In Discord you’ll be able to use the live notifications bot to receive notifications regarding share sales and purchases, and manager and agent propositions for any clubs or players you own shares in. Ask in the chat for more information.

A game guide…

The Taurion Alpha Treasure Hunt 3 has now ended.

The amount of information we’ve gathered has been priceless for further improvement of the Taurion game world.

This is all down to the testers and the Prize Partners that have taken part, so we really can’t thank you enough.

We’d also like to apologise for many of those who signed up and couldn’t get into the game because of various issues. This will be improved in future iterations.

The Alpha will continue running for people to continue testing, but also for some small testing events we have planned.

As expected, the…

On Xaya block 2,159,000 — estimated to be some time on Tuesday the 8th of September, Taurion will test a hard fork in the alpha test.. This is not a Xaya fork. It is only for Taurion.

This fork will do the following:

  • Test hard forks of Xaya games
  • Update the GSP to allow vehicles to path through other vehicles
  • Spawn new starter vehicles in city buildings instead of outside

We’re taking this opportunity to improve gameplay and at the same time test a Xaya game hard fork.

For the game improvements, we’ll be changing the movement mechanics.

In the…

  • Info
  • Bug Bounties
  • Help a Noob

The time is upon us for the launch of what will probably be the final Treasure Hunt before beta.

With this Alpha we hope to test the new features as listed on the right hand side of here:


Please remember that this is only an Alpha and not at all representative of the full game. The UI will be rebuilt and the map will be made much higher quality.

There are still many missing features before we’d call it a “game”, and without those it really is just a chaotic free for all…

The Taurion game world uses an internal currency called Cubits.

Cubits will be used in the in-game decentralised market places to buy, sell and trade assets with other players and for paying in-game fees to other players or the game itself.

Cubits can be acquired in the game through various means such as:

  • Mining
  • Destroying NPCs
  • Purchasing from the game itself

Cubits will be for sale from the game itself in a trustless decentralised way with staggered prices.

Since the purchases are being made in a trustless decentralised manner using automated blockchain-based systems, buyers accept the responsibility of interacting with…


True blockchain gaming

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