Treat Fighter Tips & Tricks #2: Be Fearless

2 min readAug 8, 2023

Winning battles in the Colosseum is a top priority for every Overlord because fighting is how Treats gain ratings… or lose some of their ratings.

In fact, Treats can gain more than 1 level of sweetness if they do very well (100 points per level of sweetness).

A very large rating gain

But losing doesn’t mean a crushing defeat. Treats are resilient and learn from their mistakes, so even if your squad of treats loses a tournament, they can still gain a smaller amount of experience.

You can’t win them all :(

Overall, even if your squads of Treats are losing in the tournaments and some lose experience, your squad of Treats will almost always net a positive gain in their rankings.

Also, if a Treat reaches a new sweetness level, but loses rank before you can sweeten it, they don’t lose the sweetness level that they’ve achieved. You can still sweeten them up as if those losses never happened.

So, have no fear! FIGHT! And claw your way to the top!

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