Unleash Your Inner Overlord: A Look into Treat Fighter, the New Wave of Blockchain Gaming

3 min readJul 6, 2023


Greetings, gamers and blockchain enthusiasts!

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to our latest adventure that’s set to revolutionize the landscape of blockchain gaming: Treat Fighter. Brought to you by the original creators of the world’s first blockchain game, Treat Fighter offers a realm of intense competition, domination, and the Human Mining model pioneered in Huntercoin.

Unlike any other gaming experience, Treat Fighter is set in the intriguing world of Canedoom, where you take on the mantle of an Overlord. Here, you create delectable Treats, embark on expeditions to gather candies and recipes, and take part in adrenaline-pumping PvP battles. The beauty of Treat Fighter lies in its design: even defeat can be an opportunity to progress and reinforce your army of Treats.


What truly sets Treat Fighter apart from its counterparts is its incorporation of the innovative ‘Human Mining’ model, first introduced by Huntercoin. This model fosters a free market in which players can trade their hard-earned Treats or earn CHI by emerging victorious in Candy Crusades. With millions of unique Treats available for collection, including some incredibly rare finds, Treat Fighter is a haven for collectors.

The World’s 1st Blockchain Game

The cherry on top of this gaming revolution? Treat Fighter runs entirely on-chain, with no reliance on centralized servers. As a genuine blockchain game, it facilitates an almost limitless number of players, thus challenging the traditional constraints of gaming. Additionally, approximately 80% of all the in-game money (CHI) spent is returned to you, the players, thereby fostering an engaging and rewarding gaming economy.

If you’re ready to delve into this exciting new world, the process is simple. Download Treat Fighter, claim your free pack from inside the game, and kickstart your journey to domination. Even if you’re new to the blockchain realm, there’s no need for concern. The game comes with a built-in wallet that operates seamlessly in the background, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly gaming experience.

In the world of Treat Fighter, whether you’re stirring up a storm in the Pantry, leading your Treats into battle in the Colosseum, or engaging in trades at the Exchange, a whole universe of adventure and competition awaits you.

But remember, this is merely the beginning. We have a myriad of exciting new features on the horizon, promising to drive continual innovation and enhance engagement for you, the OVERLORDS of CANEDOOM!

So, are you prepared to join the ranks of Overlords and stake your claim in Canedoom? Don’t delay — download Treat Fighter today and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Keep gaming,

Your Xaya Team