Xaya Q1 2022 Update

5 min readApr 19, 2022

There’s a lot going on with Xaya, although much of it isn’t highly visible. This update goes over some of that, including some of those less obvious things.

At the top of the list of questions we get asked about is Soccer Manager Elite. Under the hood, there’s a lot of infrastructure that will be completely transparent for end users, but that is necessary for the game.

Some of the most recent updates include:

  • Xaya integration for EVM-based blockchains (such as Polygon)
  • Xaya Accounts Contract deployment on Polygon with security audit
  • Metamask working with Xaya games
  • Game Channels improvements and working on Polygon
  • Game Channels have been tested and working on Polygon through Xayaships
  • Rebranding of Soccer Manager Elite (including new website)
  • New SME read-only web version now open to public
  • Treat Fighter

Xaya EVM integration

Xaya EVM integration has been finalized and it is possible for developers to build games on EVM chains to take advantage of the various Xaya technologies to create their own fully decentralised game worlds.

Xaya X also means that games written for any chain, e.g. those written for Xaya Core can be run on other chains without any code changes (except for wallet functionality of course). Xaya X acts as an interface layer between the blockchain and Xaya’s Game State Processors (GSPs).

Xaya X is on GitHub here:


Xaya Naming Contract on Polygon

Xaya’s Naming Contract is ready to be deployed on Polygon and has been audited by Solidified. This allows developers to launch games on Polygon so they can take advantage of the various technologies Xaya brings to the space, such as the ability to run games entirely without servers.

Xaya names can be registered using this contract with WCHI. More details will be available soon regarding a launch date and a simple website to register names on Polygon with Metamask.

The Polygon contract source code can be found in the Xaya GitHub repo here:


The security audit can be found here:



Metamask has been tested with registering names and updating those names values, which is essentially making moves in Xaya games.

As the most popular EVM wallet, Metamask will allow millions of users to enter the Xaya ecosystem. It will also facilitate easier and faster adoption of the Xaya platform and Xaya games.

Game Channels

With respect to some of the core Xaya technologies, Game Channels have been improved and have been tested working on EVM chains with Xaya X.

As a reminder for those unfamiliar with Game Channels, Game Channels allow for fully trustless realtime decentralized games while reducing blocking bloat and allowing unlimited transactions per second that cost a mere 2 or 3 on-chain transactions.


Combined with the above infrastructure, this allows putting the Xayaships tech demo fully on Polygon. Further updates and a public release are forthcoming. Anyone interested in viewing the code can find the appropriate branch here:


Soccer Manager Elite Rebranding

In order to better reflect the evolving crypto environment and direction of Xaya, Soccer Manager Elite is undergoing a rebranding that will help to communicate these changes, which we believe are all for the better. The rebrand will include a new website as well. More information on this will be released shortly.

A rebrand is forthcoming

The SME web version is still read-only, but runs in any browser. It’s progressed to a state now where we’re confident to open it up publicly. You can find it here:


Note that it is still read only and a WIP. The data in the game is live from the current beta users who run the game on the Unity client.

We are currently focused on the next beta round that will allow for playing the game inside the browser using Metamask. This is almost complete and we expect a release within a couple of months.

Treat Fighter

In addition to SME’s rebranding, Treat Fighter has had some quality time spent on the backend. When it was first created, libxayagame (Xaya’s SDK) wasn’t yet complete, and Treat Fighter never had the opportunity to take advantage of that plug-and-play infrastructure. It was an MVP (minimum viable product) demo.

Now, Treat Fighter is near completion with a massive code rewrite that fixes countless bugs, brings greater stability, includes many improvements, integrates lite mode (using an SPV wallet, i.e. Xaya Electrum), and will place it near the front of fully decentralised true blockchain games. The next release will be a beta period to help stress test the game and find any possible remaining bugs.

Although primarily created as an MVP/demo (and we still aim to run it as such), we have some plans / competitions where winners of ultra-rare treats may have them minted as NFTs on Ethereum. More information on this to come and any ideas are welcome from within the Discord community.

The tyranny of the Overlords of Canedoom is nigh! Prepare yourselves, and harden your hearts as the most powerful Treats require sacrifices!