Hiro Capital Invests in Soccerverse

3 min readFeb 10, 2023


Games, digital sports and technology venture capital fund Hiro Capital recently announced their investment in Soccerverse Ltd, the company that produces the massively multiplayer online football management game Soccerverse. The pairing of Hiro Capital and Soccerverse Ltd is ideal as the goals and visions of the two companies are well aligned.

Hiro Capital aims to make the world a better place by investing in and fostering both digital and physical games and sports companies that bring new, positive technological innovations to the market. Hiro was founded in 2019; its partners are Luke Alvarez, Cherry Freeman, Sir Ian Livingstone, and Spike Laurie. Hiro’s staff roster is a veritable A-Team of some of the most experienced experts in the gaming and sports technology space.

Soccerverse fits into the Hiro vision for positive games that are a force for good in society. The Soccerverse team has focused on merging the worlds of online gaming with blockchain technology and the many benefits that blockchain brings with it.

This new investment in Soccerverse will help propel the game into the limelight of both football/soccer management simulation games and blockchain games. Funds will help facilitate further and faster game development, and improve gameplay extraordinarily.

Soccerverse is a football management simulator built using the Xaya blockchain SDK which allows for the game to be fully decentralised (on-chain) whilst having complex game mechanics that are not possible with current technologies. Where traditional games rely on centralised servers controlled entirely by game developers or publishers, Soccerverse takes advantage of the many benefits of blockchain technology to deliver true ownership, transparency, and real value to the people that play the game.

Of particular note on the Soccerverse team are Andy Gore, Andrew Colosimo, and Daniel Kraft, each of whom are pioneers in their respective expertise.

Andy Gore is the former CEO of Soccer Manager Ltd and current non-executive director at Invincibles Studio. Andy has over 20 years in the video game industry and co-founded Invincibles Studio with his brothers, Chris and Steven Gore, in 2004. Together they assembled a team to develop the Soccer Manager franchise of games with 10s of millions of players. Today he devotes the majority of his time to Soccerverse.

Andrew Colosimo (snailbrain) had 20 years of experience in computers and technology before creating the world’s first true blockchain game played entirely on-chain, Huntercoin. This was a game changer (pun not intended) for blockchain and games. Huntercoin was a code fork (not a blockchain fork) of Bitcoin and Namecoin, which Andrew has been contributing to since 2013. Andrew is the primary founder of Xaya.

Doctor of mathematics, Daniel Kraft (domob) has been the Chief Namecoin Scientist since 2014 and is a former Google engineering scientist. To name just one of his other accomplishments, he created NameID (the first blockchain digital identity platform). He is a co-founder of the Xaya blockchain gaming platform and the brilliant mind behind the many innovations in it, such as the Game Channels technology (developed in parallel but separately from Bitcoin 2nd layer payment channels and Lightning), Ephemeral Timestamps, and others. He is also a regular contributor to the Bitcoin Core codebase.

Soccerverse is powered by the Xaya blockchain gaming platform and runs on the Polygon network. It is currently in beta and with this additional investment, the full release has been pushed to Q3 so that it can be expanded upon as originally envisioned. Users will be able to play the game entirely unaware that it’s a fully on-chain true blockchain game.

As Soccerverse is decentralised like Bitcoin, it runs unstoppably and is censorship resistant. Further, each club and player in the game is a fractionalised, unique in-game asset that users can own part or all of through buying shares. Going even deeper, each club and player is a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) where club and player shareholders vote on the future of their clubs and players. Shares in clubs and players share (pun intended) the same cryptographic security that blockchain offers, and thus users have true ownership that nobody can deny or take away.

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