Xaya Names on Polygon

3 min readMay 16, 2022

UPDATE 2022–05–17: The site is live for you to register your Xaya names at https://reg-polygon.xaya.io/.

As part of Xaya’s expansion and evolution, Xaya Names can now be minted as ERC-721 tokens on Polygon on the 17th of May at 4pm UTC. Due to Xaya’s blockchain agnostic tech stack this opens up Xaya’s reach to millions of users across the Polygon ecosystem.

Xaya names are unique NFTs and are similar to Namecoin and ENS names. Xaya names have a variety of uses with the top 2 being for game accounts and for use as a secure decentralized identity for authentication or authorization. As a game account, they can hold in-game assets and function however the game developer wishes them to.

Xaya name purchases are permanent with no renewal required. This ensures that gamers never lose their accounts as long as they have their private keys. It also means that if the private keys for a name are lost, then it’s gone forever. (Pro tip: Always have multiple backups.)

The price of names on Polygon has been set at 1 WCHI. This is to reduce spam or mass registration of names, however this cost can be changed in the future.

The names follow the ERC-721 standard and the tokens are inherently non-fungible and allow for special ownership functionality. As ERC-721 tokens, they can also be freely traded on platforms such as OpenSea.

This ability to freely buy/sell/trade names is an important feature for developing the Xaya ecosystem as one where gamers are put up front as first class citizens. In the current gaming paradigm, most game studios’ terms of service state that it is prohibited to buy/sell/trade in-game items and/or accounts. By making accounts freely tradable, gamers are clearly prioritized with true ownership of their game assets, instead of being at the mercy of arbitrary policies from game developers.

Other than trading value, this feature has practical value in games as well. If we look back at Huntercoin in 2014, it was common for players to transfer their Huntercoin names to trusted friends should they have a nice stack of coins they needed to take back to their base to put in the bank, or if they had possession of the Crown of Fortune. As Huntercoin is a persistent universe, whether you are at the keyboard is irrelevant to whether or not you can be affected by what’s currently happening in the game. With a valuable asset such as the Crown of Fortune, it was highly advantageous to be able to send that account to a trusted friend to safeguard while you are AFK, such as when sleeping. What’s more, you can even rent or lend accounts as you can with other ERC-721 tokens in a trustless decentralized way once those projects being developed by other developers in the Ethereum ecosystem become available.

However, for better security with less trust, in the future players will be able to designate the power for others to send moves on their behalf without transferring accounts. These designations will include the ability to limit moves to specific games and/or for specific time periods. Perhaps less obvious is how this will engender and foster better team cooperation and make Xaya games more social with deeper personal connections.

You can start registering Xaya Names on the 17th of May at 4pm UTC at:


You’ll also be able to trade your premium names on OpenSea.

Note: You will need MATIC for tx fees and 1 WCHI per name (at this time) which can be purchased on Quickswap (contract address is 0xE79feAAA457ad7899357E8E2065a3267aC9eE601 and can be verified on GitHub here) or Uniswap (however you would need to then transfer this to Polygon through the Polygon Bridge).