Why Decentralized Gaming?

How decentralized blockchain gaming works in a nutshell:

Although there are multiple methods for decentralized blockchain gaming, they “mostly” boil down to players signing moves (in-game actions) and then those moves being stored in the blockchain in “order”. The state of the game world is then computed from these moves.

A city scene on the Jodon homeworld, Lionis

Why is decentralized gaming important for games with Real Money Trading?

Decentralized gaming provides additional security for players in several ways.

Developer Abandonment

In most games the in-game assets that are traded most and have the most value are those with the most utility. Players will always pay the most for the best damaging sword as this will strengthen their character to be able to acquire more assets. Note, however, that it is also possible for cosmetic items to have value in games as well.


Banning accounts is a controversial topic and the ability to do so has both positive and negative consequences.

Unfair Gameplay / Cheating

There are many different ways to cheat in online gaming.

  • Duplicating assets
  • Hacking Servers
  • Speed hacks
  • Memory hacks
  • And more

Down Time / Server Issues

Servers going down due to DDOS, human error, or power outages can cause upsets or issues in the game that can result in player death, loss of assets, loss of leaderboard points, or other unwanted scenarios.

Nerfs / Unfair Gameplay Changes

Generally in online games, changes are for the better. However, in some cases they may not be better for the players.


Trust minimisation (or elimination) is one of the main benefits of blockchain. Removing trust allows gamers and investors to spend more time/money with less risk.

  • Decentralized
  • Censorship resistant
  • Trustless
  • Provably fair / transparent
  • Open source
  • Permissionless
  • Unstoppable / autonomous



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