Taurion: You’ll need a map!

The planet Taurion is a desolate place with a thick unbreathable (for humans) atmosphere that is dense with strong winds, deadly sandstorms, and limits flying machines. Sand, rock, and dunes dominate the surface.


Beneath the surface, an abundance of materials await. These include minerals, crystals, and metals for both fabrication and energy. Some can be used to power intra-galactic travel while others make excellent armour or power sources for weapons systems.

However, prospecting leads to more than just rich mineral and ore deposits. Prospectors can sometimes find ancient artefacts from a long gone, more highly advanced civilisation. While most artefacts are inoperable, many can be reverse engineered at research facilities. Or they can simply be sold in on the free market for whatever price people are willing to pay. Some rare and powerful artefacts can go for small fortunes.

The Map: Tiles

In order to navigate around Taurion and prospect for resources, you’ll need a map.

The map is 8129 x 8129 hexagonal tiles resulting in a grand total of 66,080,641 tiles for you to explore.

Some tiles aren’t “walkable”. These obstacles vary in nature, such as mountains, buildings, vehicles, and quicksand. You’ll need to navigate around them.

The Map: Regions

Tiles are grouped into regions of about 100 tiles. These regions are for prospectors to discover resources to mine or harvest. If a prospecting outcome is positive, players may be able to construct buildings, such as research facilities or refineries in or around that region.

While there are approximately 600,000 regions, some are inaccessible, such as those on the tops of steep mountains.

Each dot in the screenshot below is in the centre of a region.

The Map: Navigation

Your characters traverse the map inside the environmental safety of vehicles. Vehicle speeds vary from 0.001 to 20 tiles per block, depending on the vehicle, its upgrades, and environmental conditions. Vehicle speeds can also change if enemy players use slowing-based weapons.

Fully Decentralised

The entire map and the state of everything in it exists purely decentralised inside of every XAYA node that runs the Taurion game. With each of those nodes running the same set of rules, consensus is achieved for true decentralisation.

The result? In Taurion’s fully decentralised reality, YOU and other players are in total control.

Welcome to true ownership.

Welcome to XAYA!

Want to know more about the benefits of blockchain for gaming?

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True blockchain gaming

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True blockchain gaming

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