Taurion: The Jodons



Leader: Baron Vostok
Capital: Keth
Government: Authoritarian dictatorship


Jodons revere the dead by digging a shallow pit then placing the body in it with a fire above the head. It’s expected that the spirit will follow the flame into the afterlife. Wild animals then feast on the corpse. Several months later the bones, or what’s left of them, are covered in earth.


Jodons are polygamous with alpha males taking several wives. Marriages are held in the morning with a large feast in the evening. The traditional way to “tie the knot” is for the bride and groom to cooperatively use a large saw to decapitate a live entpig (an animal similar to an Earth pig that is native to Lionis and a staple part of the Jodon diet). Needless to say, the couple is showered in blood as the jugular is cut. The entpig is then slow cooked for the evening feast. The bride and groom usually attend the dinner still in their blood soaked clothing, although lately it has become more common for couples to change into clean clothing during hot weather so as not to attract vampiric insects.


Jodons worship Baron Vostok as a semi-divine direct descendent of King Solak who according to the lore swam in a lava pool to save his son from a lava fiend, a particularly nasty creature native to Lionis. Jodons perform ancestor worship as tribute to those that came before them and that have led them to where they are now. Worship of Baron Vostok is manifest in litanies performed during public ceremonies and state holidays.


The Jodon economy is loosely a free market despite its overtly authoritarian government. While most of society is regulated by the state, Jodons don’t feel any particular duty to follow the law but instead rely on their fists. Consequently much of the market is the black market.


Irrigation systems on Lionis are built out of porous stone pipes that let water seep through. They’re heavy and require significant effort to install, but function flawlessly with no maintenance. Animal husbandry is quite advanced and many animal species native to Lionis have been domesticated.


Stone is used in much manufacturing. The Jodons have developed techniques to effectively treat and cast molten stone in the abundant lava pools. Many factories reside on the dark side of the planet (which is extremely cold) surrounding lava pools where it is easier to cool down newly cast items. Eruptions in lava pools can destroy factories, but the risk is low enough to still make operations profitable.


The Ancients…



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