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Soccer Manager Elite (SM Elite) has teamed up with GeekyAnts to bring this premiere sports management game to the broadest audience possible. Work has been underway for a couple months now, so the next release will be coming soon.

SM Elite is a sports management game and is a fully decentralised, trustless, permissionless, serverless, 100% pure blockchain game that features full DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) and DEXes (Decentralised EXchanges). More than that though, SM Elite is fun!

In 2013 we developed Huntercoin, the first blockchain game, and in 2015 we began using all that experience and knowledge to design an entire platform to host almost any kind of game on the Xaya blockchain, all fully decentralized. Today in 2021, we’re delivering on our promise to be THE ONE, TRUE BLOCKCHAIN GAMING PLATFORM with Xaya X.

Other than the Xaya Core blockchain, the technologies we have created are blockchain agnostic, meaning that it doesn’t really matter what blockchain you are using because Xaya can turn it into a blockchain game. In particular, the libxayagame library is the primary…

2 years ago we released a Game Channels technology demo called “Xayaships” to show developers how to create real-time true blockchain games. It is a simple implementation of an old board game popularised by Milton Bradley’s “Battleship”. (A very similar game, “Basilinda”, was first published in 1890.) Players take turns firing at each other in an attempt to sink each other’s naval fleet. We also created a basic front end (GUI) for the game.


This latest tech demo v0.2.0 upgrades the front end for a much better, friendlier user experience. …

Since Xaya was launched you may have heard us mention about how the Xaya platform and technology is blockchain agnostic. So first of all, let us start with a short introduction to the core components of Xaya and how it has been designed.

A Xaya game has 3 main components (assuming a full node setup):

  1. Xaya Core
  2. Game State Processor (GSP)
  3. Game client / front-end

Here we will focus on just numbers 1 and 2.

Xaya Core

Xaya Core is a fork of Namecoin, a project we have maintained and supported voluntarily for over 8 years.

Namecoin was the first altcoin and…

Valletta, Malta, June 9th, 2021Autonomous Worlds, the company behind the Xaya blockchain gaming platform, has signed a strategic partnership with Polygon to bring decentralized gaming infrastructure to Polygon’s Ethereum sidechain.

The partnership will see Autonomous Worlds integrate Xaya into Polygon’s Ethereum-compatible sidechain, in addition to the existing Xaya blockchain. Xaya’s technology is blockchain-agnostic, utilizing L2 networks to provide a highly scalable environment for building blockchain games. Central to the Xaya platform is the CHI token, which has been deployed on Polygon as Wrapped CHI as well.

Autonomous Worlds will develop games in-house for the Polygon platform, adding to…

Wrapped CHI

If you haven’t heard, CHI will be available in the Ethereum ecosystem as Wrapped CHI. Our smart contract has now been audited and will be deployed this week. We plan to swap CHI for WCHI starting on Tuesday, April 6th.

By creating WCHI, CHI can circulate on the Ethereum blockchain where it can be traded in markets such as Uniswap. This provides much broader access to CHI in the markets as people can use their existing Ethereum wallets, such as Metamask, to hold their WCHI without needing a Xaya wallet.

Other benefits from WCHI are the easy to use decentralised…

Players spend billions of hours every week in virtual worlds and that time is valuable.

Spending 6 months to acquire a sword in an MMORPG has value to that person and to someone else who would prefer to just pay for it, which is effectively buying someone else’s time.

This market has been made difficult for players by game developers (though sometimes for good reason) by restricting sales of in-game assets on secondary markets.

By restricting this trading, the gaming community must resort to “black markets,” which increases the chance of fraud and banning of accounts if caught by the…

Hello Taurions! We wanted to update you on Taurion Development.

If you didn’t know, Taurion is a fully decentralised MMO with elements from RPG and RTS games. MMORTS.

It’s set on a world far away from Earth where 3 houses are fighting for resources on the planet Taurion.

Here is the original story intro video for a bit of the background:

The world consists of over 65 million hexagonal tiles and these are grouped into 650 thousands regions. …

Happy New Year!

2020 was a hectic year and 2021 will probably not be much different.

We have a busy schedule for 2021 with regards to development milestones and we’ll be trying hard to make these dates.

We are also open to provide bounties or funding for assistance for taking on some of the tasks, if this is something you are interested in then please get in touch. We’ll provide a list of those soon, thought most of that is below.

For reference, the following Xaya History spreadsheet lists some past achievements and milestones.

The list below includes the…

In the past year, rollups have become one of the leading hopes of scaling Ethereum on “layer 2”. With gas fees surging throughout the year with the rise of DeFi, they indeed offer a great way to off-load smart-contract computations as well as storage in the network’s global state.

So what are rollups on Ethereum? Roughly speaking, users of a rollup-enabled application can still perform smart-contract operations as normal (e.g. transfers or swaps of tokens). The transaction data is recorded on the base chain (Ethereum in this case), but execution of the operation is done by some external entity (the…


True blockchain gaming

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