Wrapped CHI

If you haven’t heard, CHI will be available in the Ethereum ecosystem as Wrapped CHI. Our smart contract has now been audited and will be deployed this week. We plan to swap CHI for WCHI starting on Tuesday, April 6th.

By creating WCHI, CHI can circulate on the Ethereum blockchain…

Players spend billions of hours every week in virtual worlds and that time is valuable.

Spending 6 months to acquire a sword in an MMORPG has value to that person and to someone else who would prefer to just pay for it, which is effectively buying someone else’s time.


Hello Taurions! We wanted to update you on Taurion Development.

If you didn’t know, Taurion is a fully decentralised MMO with elements from RPG and RTS games. MMORTS.

It’s set on a world far away from Earth where 3 houses are fighting for resources on the planet Taurion.

Here is…


True blockchain gaming

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